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Talking Dictionary 674. Supe Fails To Fix Faucet


674. Lulu phoned the super. She said, "Bret, a month ago you said you were going to fix the cold‐water faucet in my kitchen. It leaks, remember?" Bret said, "It's still leaking?" She said, "Of course! Did you think it was going to fix itself?" That afternoon, he brought a whole new faucet assembly with him. Lulu said, "I thought all it needed was a new gasket." He said, "It's an old building." When he finished, she thanked him. Later, she went to the sink and turned on the hot‐water faucet. Only cold water came out of the spout. She called Bret again. He returned to her apartment. He turned on the cold‐water faucet. Hot water came out. She said, "What's this? You changed it! The left faucet is supposed to turn on the hot water, not the right one." He said, "I didn't change anything. It's always been like this." 2.2


674. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.