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Talking Dictionary 673. Pick Your Poison


673. Ted awoke, sat up, and looked down at his feet. He saw puffy feet, puffy ankles, and puffy calves! For whatever reason, they had swelled up overnight. Fearful, he made an appointment with his doctor. That afternoon, she examined him. Ted's right leg was not only swollen, but also red. She said, "You have cellulitis; it's a bacterial infection." She wrote a prescription for an antibiotic. She said, "Take one capsule every day for ten days." Ted took the prescription to the pharmacy. Once home, he read the instructions: "This medicine might increase risk of tendon problems, including possible breakage of Achilles tendon." Ted pictured himself tumbling down a flight of stairs after both tendons suddenly snapped. I'm not taking this stuff, he told himself. Shortly thereafter, at an online medical site, he read, "Occasionally, cellulitis develops into what's known as 'the flesh‐eating disease.'" Well, maybe I will, Ted thought. 6.4


673. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.