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Talking Dictionary 671. Don't Drop That Eyeball!


671. In 1962, Paul invented a board game. He named it Careful Doctors. His game involved a plastic human patient, tweezers, an imaginary operating room, and a buzzer. The objective was to remove a body part from the patient without touching hidden alarms. Touching an alarm caused the buzzer to sound, penalizing the player. Paul's family tried out his game, but wasn't impressed. So, Paul sold his game to Hasgro, a popular game developer, for $500. With the money, Paul bought a used, "in excellent condition" Edsel. Hasgro tweaked the game a little and renamed it. By 1972, Hasgro had sold eight million upgrades of Paul's original game. Paul's brother told him about the fortune Hasgro was making from his game. He said, "They should give you some of that." Paul said, "No. They tweaked it. They marketed it. They don't owe me anything. Besides, my Edsel is still running great!" 5.9


671. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.