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Talking Dictionary 667. Rock Paper Scissors Victor


667. Arthur won the United Kingdom annual Rock Paper Scissors championship. A journalist interviewed him after the one‐day tournament ended October 8. She asked, "What's your secret to success?" Arthur said that he was the seventh son of a seventh son. She asked, "Which is the best one to start off with?" He said he always started with rock—except when he didn't. She asked, "When did you start playing?" He said he'd been playing daily since he was a wee tot. She asked, "Did you train for this tournament?" He said, "I've been training for the past year. I run, swim, lift weights, and bike every day." She asked, "What life skills does this game teach?" He said, "It teaches you how to succeed in school, business, and life." Finally, she asked, "How do you feel about being the UK champ?" He said, "It's the crowning achievement of my life." 3.8


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