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Talking Dictionary 661. On Sundays He Plays His Bass Drum


661. Anthony was on the Q train Saturday morning. At Parkside Avenue, a portly, white‐haired man boarded the train. He was wearing jeans and a fedora. He wore his jeans high. A portable radio on a strap hung near his left hip. In his hands was a trumpet. Hanging from it was another fedora, for donations. Surely, Anthony thought, this old man is not going to play a TRUMPET on this train! The man turned on the radio's cassette player. An instrumental version of "New York, New York" began playing. The man raised the trumpet to his lips. He accompanied the tune. Even though the man was at the far end of the car, Anthony wanted to cover his ears. Anthony stood up. He walked over to the man. He showed him a five‐spot. He spoke into the man's ear. The man took the bill and walked into the next car. 3.8


661. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.