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Talking Dictionary 658. She Had To Break It To Fix It


658. He was sitting in his Ethics class. Twenty‐five students sat at five big tables. His cell phone was locked. He asked his classmate, "Do you own an iPhone?" Ellen said yes. He said, "Mine is frozen. Do you know how to get it working again?" She grabbed his phone. She started tinkering with it. She pushed various buttons and tapped the screen. He went back to reading the textbook. She struggled to pry off the protective plastic cover on his phone. A few minutes later, she returned the phone to him. It was working. He thanked her. She nodded. He checked his phone for messages before turning it off. Then he noticed something. A corner of his cover was broken off. He looked for the missing piece. It wasn't on the table. It wasn't on the floor. He looked long and hard at Ellen. She said, "What?!" He said, "Nothing." 2.0


658. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.