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Talking Dictionary 657. Rock, Machete, Lasso


657. It was almost 10 p.m. in Chelsea. The upscale Mexican restaurant was about to close. Three unkempt men walked into the restaurant. They strode over to the cashier. One of the men told the pretty cashier, "Give us all the money in the cash register." Suddenly, he held up a machete. The cashier fainted. Another of the men tried to open the register. He couldn't. Grunting slightly, he lifted it. He said, "Vamonos!" Laughing, the three men left the restaurant. As they walked up the sidewalk, a worker dashed out of the restaurant. He held a lasso in his hands. He had been a cowboy when he lived in Mexico. Now he was a busboy. He twirled his lasso and threw it. It encircled the man with the cash register. The former cowboy yanked on the lasso. The man and the register crashed to the sidewalk. His buddies ran away. 3.9


657. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.