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Talking Dictionary 655. You Think YOUR Train Is Crowded


655. At lunch, Bob said, "Guess what I saw at rush hour this morning? Two guys were punching each other on the train." Bill said, "That'll never happen on my train. It's too crowded to swing fists; fighters would have to head‐butt each other." John said, "On my train, I can't even see out the window to see which station we're at." Mary said, "On my train, I can't find room on a handrail to hold on to." Susan said, "On my train, if we ever crashed into another train, after the crash we'd all still be standing in the same place." Joe said, "On my train, if I get on with a wrinkled shirt, when I get off, it's wrinkle‐free." Elaine said, "On my train, someone passed out yesterday—and remained standing." Helen said, "On my train, when we get to a stop and the doors open, riders pop out." 4.2


655. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.