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Talking Dictionary 654. Honk If You Love Her, Too


654. On Future Earth, there are no more forests. The whole Earth is just one big city, separated only by bodies of water. All humans speak new languages—variations of "Honk." They don't speak old‐style English. Or old‐style Mandarin. They speak new‐style English or new‐style Mandarin. It's called Honk. Long ago, birds used to chirp and tweet. Today, birds live in the city, like all the other animals. Birds grow up hearing car honks, bus honks, and other honks. So, over the years, they've developed their own new language—Bird Honk. It's a blend of chirps, tweets, and honks. All the other animals also speak Honk. For example, cats speak Cat Honk. It's a blend of meows and honks. Humans, of course, speak Human Honk. In fact, one of the most popular songs for new‐style English speakers is by a four‐man group called The Honkles. Their song is "She Loves You, Honk, Honk, Honk!" 3.3


654. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.