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Talking Dictionary 653. Who's On First? What 's On Second?


653. Webb said, "Every day all I see are ugly, black SUVs on the streets. Yesterday, finally, I saw a beautiful vehicle. It was a brown and white, two‐door Coupe de Ville. It was on Willoughby in downtown Brooklyn. It had all four hubcaps and a perfectly straight antenna. It was like those Cadillacs in that Italian gangster movie. You know that movie. That Niro guy was in it. And that little, short guy—Joe something. It was directed by that goofy‐looking guy. He used to be a video store clerk. Now he's a famous director. How'd he do that?" Brendon said, "Who knows? I know who you mean. He's the guy who made Junkyard Dogs." Webb said, "Wait a minute. Maybe it was that other director. That real old Italian guy." Brendon said, "Yeah, I know who you mean. He made You Talking to Me? with that same Niro guy." 3.1


653. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.