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Talking Dictionary 651. The Ticket Is Half Full


651. A cop accosted Zach. Zach was crossing Fifth Avenue, midway between 34th and 33rd streets. Zach said, "Jaywalking? What jaywalking? I'm a tourist. You want to ruin the tourist industry?" The cop asked for Zach's ID. The cop said, "You're a tourist?! You live in the Bronx!" Just then, a bicyclist pedaled north on Fifth Avenue. Zach said, "Look at that cyclist. He's going the wrong way. Ticket him!" The cop said, "Oh, you know some rules but not others, I see." Zach said, "Well, anyway, there were five other people jaywalking with me. You ignored them, but picked me. Why? Do I look like a loser or something?" The cop said, "Loser? Not at all. You're looking at this the wrong way. Look at it this way. The others got nothing from me. But you—you got something. Sounds like you're a winner to me. Have a nice day!" 2.0


651. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.