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Talking Dictionary 649. Maybe When We All Have 4 Stomachs


649. Neal the nutritionist yelled, "I found the cure for cancer!" His wife said, "That's fantastic! Is it a new drug?" He said, "No, it's a common plant. It's grass! And the cure has been staring us in the face forever. Horses and cows don't get cancer. And what do they eat? They eat grass." His wife said, "That's simple enough! The supermarkets can start selling us bags of triple‐washed grass. We can add the grass to our salad, and then pour on some Italian dressing." He said, "Excuse me. Do you see horses and cows eating bowls of grass with Italian dressing on top? Of course not. You have to eat live grass, right out of the ground." His wife said, "Are you crazy? Nobody's going to do that!" He asked, "Not even for a cancer‐free life?" She said, "Not even." He said, "They will when I'm 200 years old!" 2.2


649. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.