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Talking Dictionary 648. The 50% Golden Rule


648. She asked, "Daddy, why is the president helping all these kids from other countries?" Dad said, "Well, honey, he loves to help people, especially children. These kids can't get an education in their countries. There are too many gangs. The gangs beat them up. The gangs make them deal drugs. The gangs make them quit school. So, the president wants to help these poor kids get an American education." She said, "But, Daddy, we have gangs right here in America. These gangs beat up American students. They make American kids deal drugs. They make American kids quit school. So, why doesn't the president help American kids?" Dad said, "I'm sure he will, right after he takes care of all the foreign kids." She asked, "But shouldn't he take care of American kids first? We were here first." Dad said, "No, honey. Being an American means taking care of others first." 3.7


648. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.