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Talking Dictionary 647. Frowny Face In Word 2007


647. She was typing away on the keyboard. She was using Word 2007. She hated Word 2007—and every other year. She stopped typing and grabbed the mouse. Something was wrong. As she used the mouse, she saw an arrow on the screen instead of an I‐bar. Worse, attached to the arrow was a rectangular frowny face. She'd never seen a rectangular frowny face, but she knew it wasn't good. She decided to click on the Undo icon. Undo usually solved her Word problems. But she couldn't click on Undo. The icon was grayed out. She decided to Restart. Restart usually solved the rest of her Word problems. Before restarting, she closed the document. Then she saw a dialog box. It said, "Do you want to save the macro?" Macro—what macro, she wondered. She clicked on No. She reopened the document. She moved the mouse. The frowny face was gone. 4.1


647. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.