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Talking Dictionary 646. Cause Of Death: Dumbidity


646. At 65, Dean's father had died of a heart attack. Even though Dean was 60, he wasn't worried about his heart. "Lightning doesn't strike twice," he told friends. They shook their heads. Every weekend he played golf with his best friend Jerry. One day, after walking uphill from the golf cart to the 17th green, Dean bent over, breathing hard. Jerry said, "You know, you almost passed out here last week, too. Didn't you see your doctor, like I told you?" Dean said, "It's nothing. You worry too much." Late that night, Dean went downstairs to the kitchen. Fifteen minutes later, his wife went downstairs. The refrigerator door was open. He was lying on the floor. When Jerry heard the news, he told his wife, "What a dummy. His doctor could've fixed him up. Pills. Maybe an operation. Instead, he's dead. Now who am I going to play golf with?" 2.3


646. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.