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Talking Dictionary 645. More Guards, Fewer Drownings


645. It was mid‐July, 7 p.m., at Coney Island. A little girl playing on a rocky jetty fell into the water. A rescuer tried to revive her using CPR, but failed. A doctor said, "The rescuer was doing CPR improperly. When I got here, he was doing chest compressions on the girl's stomach. He wasn't doing any rescue breathing." A New York City Council member said, "This is the sixth drowning this summer. This has got to stop. Our children are our future. I know all this will cost money, but lifeguards must stay on duty till sundown, not 6 p.m. Plus, we must hire 200 more lifeguards every summer. Plus, we must teach every student how to swim by fourth grade. Plus, we must teach every student how to do CPR by eighth grade. After they all know how to swim and do CPR, we can fire all the lifeguards." 4.9


645. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.