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Talking Dictionary 640. He's More His Than Hers


640. She said, "Sometimes I can't believe he's actually my son. Sometimes I think they must have switched him at the hospital. I just can't believe how lazy he is. I thought I'd raised him better. I've worked hard all my life. I rarely have 'fun,' except when I watch TV or sit in Central Park. But most of the time I work or look for more work. But my son? Work is a four‐letter word. He sits at home all day and plays computer games. Every night when I come home, I ask him, 'Did you find a job today?' He always says, 'No, but maybe tomorrow.' Tomorrow. That's how I know he's mine. He's just like his father. That's what I always used to ask his father. That's what his father always used to say. That's why I divorced his father. Now if I could only divorce his son." 2.1


640. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.