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Talking Dictionary 639. Fresh, Frozen, Canned


639. The elderly man had long, dirty‐looking hair and a scruffy beard. His clothes were rumpled and soiled. It was a warm, June afternoon. The annual Broadway Bites food festival was in full swing at 33rd Street and Broadway. About 30 vendors were selling delicious, but expensive, food at their booths. Hundreds of people were milling about the vendors. The man was carrying a big, plastic bag filled with empty cans. He showed no interest in the vendors or their customers. He was digging through a big, green, metal trashcan. His head went out of sight as he dug deeper. Instead of pulling out an empty can, he pulled out a half‐eaten sandwich. He looked at it briefly before wolfing it down. Then he pulled a napkin out of the trashcan. He wiped his hands with it. Then he wiped his mouth with it. Then he walked to another trashcan nearby. 4.1


639. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.