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Talking Dictionary 634. Do Half As Much Double‐Checking


634. The NYC agency application form was an inch thick. He came to one page that had a space for a notary public to sign. He called up the agency. The department supervisor answered. He asked, "Do I need to get page 21 notarized before I come in for my interview?" She said, "No. There are three pages, not just page 21, that need a notary's signature. We'll take care of that here in the office when you come in for your interview." He asked, "Okay, so I don't need to get anything notarized before my interview?" She said, "That's what I just said. Weren't you listening? How many times do I have to say something?" He said, "Well, I was just double‐checking. It's like repeating a phone number or an address or something. I was just repeating your words." She hung up. He was glad she hadn't asked his name. 4.0


634. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.