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Talking Dictionary 632. Every Picture Tells A Story


632. He said, "I must have a thousand photos of myself, friends, and family. But why do I keep them? I haven't looked at them in ten years." She said, "Well, there you go. It's time to have a picture party. Invite your family and friends over." He said, "Nobody wants to look at photos unless they're in them." She said, "That's not true. Besides, everyone'll enjoy the nostalgia." He said, "Everyone's too busy making nostalgia to look at it. Forget about a party. I'm just going to throw all the photos out." She said, "You can't do that. Photos are too important. Look at what happens every time someone's house burns down. Survivors are always so happy that they were able to rescue their photos." He said, "Good point. That's another reason to toss them. In case my apartment burns down, I won't risk death trying to rescue boring pictures!" 3.9


632. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.