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Talking Dictionary 631. Follow Your Instincts


631. They needed an additional clothes bar. However, management forbade putting holes in apartment walls. He found an adjustable plastic clothes bar for only $8—"no screws necessary." He installed it and hung 20 shirts on it. The bar fell to the floor. Ignoring management, he used screws to fasten the bar to the wall. Again, he hung 20 shirts on the bar. It stayed put, but it sagged greatly. His wife looked at it. "Take that ugly thing down," she said. He bought an aluminum clothes bar for $20, plus two bar sockets. He installed it. He hung up his wife's clothes and his clothes. His wife said, "Why didn't you do that in the first place?" He said, "Well, that's what my instincts told me to do. But the plastic bar was only $8." She said, "That's always your problem. Instead of following your instincts, you follow your cheapstincts." 3.5


631. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.