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Talking Dictionary 629. Who Would Suspect A Third Grader?


629. He got away with murder. Had he confessed, his punishment would have been minor. Instead, he told lies. Over the years, his guilt grew. He couldn't shut up the voice in his head. He went to a priest. He said, "I see Lisa's face every day. We were classmates in third grade. Our class was having a field trip in Central Park. I asked her to take a walk with me. We walked over the Oak Bridge. We descended to the edge of the lake. For fun, I pushed her into the lake. But she disappeared. I couldn't find her. I ran back. I told the teacher, 'Lisa wanted to play hide and seek. I counted to 100 out loud. Then I began looking for her. I even went into the lake. I couldn't find her anywhere.'" The priest said, "Lisa's in heaven. Make a good confession. You'll be forgiven." 1.6


629. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.