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Talking Dictionary 628. Wtd: NYC Bldg Inspectors, NoExpNec


628. The Manhattan district attorney charged managers of two construction firms with fraud. They had hired laymen to inspect construction sites. The laymen signed safety logs using real inspectors' names. However, one layman used the name of an inspector who'd recently died. Alerted to that forgery, DA officials inspected logs at a few hundred construction sites. They found many more forgeries. An official said, "It's a miracle that nobody's been injured. They hired anyone and everyone to be 'inspectors.' They hired waiters, busboys, cooks, cashiers, hairdressers, roofers, and lifeguards. Those guys wouldn't know a safety violation from a safety pin." Watching the TV news, Bob said, "I don't know. Maybe I'd trust a roofer or a lifeguard. But I always worry when I walk under construction scaffolding. Do they have an inspector for that?" Ray said, "Of course not. Have you ever seen scaffolding with plastic caps on all the bolts?" 6.5


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