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Talking Dictionary 627. Oldest Living Person Hasn't Lost It Yet


627. Mrs. Dalley is the oldest living person in the United States. She has no idea why she's lived so long. She says only the good Lord can answer that question. She spends her time mostly watching TV and looking out the window. She says her health is pretty good, but she forgets things. Her grandson gave her $1.15 for her birthday. He said, "Here, Grandma. A penny for every year." She thanked him. A month later, he visited her again. He asked, "Remember my birthday gift? What did you buy with the $115?" She said, "Excuse me? $115? What $115? You gave me 115 cents. You are so cheap! Shame on you." He said, "Grandma, I thought your memory was shot. Why would I give you $115 if you're only going to forget it?" She said, "Because it's not about whether I remember it. It's about whether you give it." 3.2


627. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.