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Talking Dictionary 625. How About Acting Like A Grown‐Up?


625. They were watching a movie. "Did you hear about Marlon Bogart?" she asked. "He complained about the trailer they'd given him on a movie set. The trailer was sky blue. He had asked for navy blue. He refused to work until they repainted it. How spoiled is that? Actors have such an easy life, and they still have the nerve to complain." He said, "Everyone complains. Just because you're rich, you can't complain? Remember, actors like Marlon weren't always rich and famous. Most started out with just a dime and a dream. They worked hard to get where they are. They went to hundreds of auditions. The big shots ignored them or gave them lots of grief, but they hung in there. Now they're rich and famous. And if they want to act like babies, who cares? It's not like parents point to actors as role models for their kids." 2.8


625. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.