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Talking Dictionary 624. First Things First Every Morning


624. The chainsaw woke Harry up at 8 a.m. Across the street, a man was cutting the trunk of a felled tree into three‐foot long sections. Harry walked over to the kitchen table. He looked into the concave side of a hand mirror. He examined his wrinkled face, as he did almost every morning. He looked for fresh pimples. He saw a big, red "pimple" on his neck. An insect had bitten him in his sleep. He looked at the dry skin that had accumulated overnight. He picked the bigger flakes off his face. He licked his index finger and rubbed away the dry skin on his eyebrows. With tweezers, he pulled a few new hairs from his ears. He shook his head. Some day, he wouldn't be able to do these simple, self‐grooming tasks. When that day came, he hoped that he also wouldn't care about doing these simple tasks. 4.0


624. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.