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Talking Dictionary 623. Sticks And Stones Can Break My Bones


623. His children's names were Cat, Dog, Cow, and Horse. These names were on their birth certificates. When Cat was born, hospital officials had said, "You can't name your child after an animal." He had said, "Why not? Other people do. Have you ever heard of Robin? Jay? Drake? Kitty? I'm just using different animal names. Plus, I'm using names of animals that I happen to love." His children hated their dad. They had their own names for him. They never used their given names. Cat called herself Cath, Dog Doug, Cow Cal, and Horse Horace. When they became adults, they went to court and changed their names. Dad disowned each of them as they did so. Horace asked, "Why'd you give us such 'farm animal' names? At least you could've given us majestic names, like Tiger, Lion, Eagle, Wolf." Dad said, "Those names are too hard to live up to." 2.5


623. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.