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Talking Dictionary 622. How Soon We Forget


622. Paul and Linda sold their Burbank house. Paul had hated living there. They'd lived in it for 20 years. They had disclosed everything to potential buyers. Their backyard neighbor raised show dogs. They barked day and night. Their next‐door neighbor had noisy pool parties every weekend. Their neighbor across the street had a basketball goal in the driveway. People played basketball around the clock. There was more. Despite all these negatives, someone bought their house. They visited Las Vegas. Linda's cousin invited them to stay with her while they looked for a new house. Las Vegas was too hot, windy, and sandy. Everywhere they went, Linda smelled sewage. The houses were all jammed together. Her cousin's husband had an allergy. He sneezed everywhere and on everything. He never covered his mouth. Paul and Linda left her cousin's house after three days. Paul said, "Maybe we shouldn't have sold our place." 4.4


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