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Talking Dictionary 620. Popeye Meets MJ Meets Balloon Dog


620. Jeff Koons is a famous, wealthy artist. The Whitney Museum of American Art was having a huge Koons show. Howard thought museums were boring, but he'd read a lot about Koons. He went to the museum. He told the ticket‐taker that he wanted to make a $10 donation instead of paying full price. She said, "We are a nonprofit museum. You can only do that at MoMA." He didn't believe her, but he paid the $20 general admission. He visited three floors of art. He saw a toaster hanging on a wall. He saw basketballs floating in some liquid in glass cases. He saw a green statue of the Hulk with part of a piano keyboard glued to his chest. He saw ordinary kitchen sponges sitting on a shelf. Upon leaving 30 minutes later, Howard stood outside. He asked someone, "Ticket for $10, half price?" The stranger bought Howard's ticket. 5.1


620. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.