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Talking Dictionary 619. Where Will The Homeless Sleep?


619. All of a sudden, there was no paper in the whole world. Every piece of paper vanished into thin air. Even the paper in people's hands vanished from their hands. There were no receipts. There were no bills. There were no envelopes. There were no paper records in files and folders. There were no files and folders. There was no paper in printers. There were no napkins, tissues, or paper towels. There was no toilet paper! There were no bank checks. There were no maps or menus. There were no postage stamps. There were no newspapers, magazines, or books. There was clamor worldwide. Then a voice from the clouds said, "You people are destroying all My trees. Thirty days from now, I will allow you to produce only one paper product worldwide. Make your choice. And quiet those car horns, or they're next. We can't get any sleep up here." 2.6


619. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.