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Talking Dictionary 618. What's A 3‐Letter Word For "Cool"?


618. Carl said, "I've spent the last two years sweltering in my tiny office. People are always adjusting the thermostat upward. It's in the next room. They raise the temperature. I go in there and lower it. They turn it up again. I've asked the boss to put a locked case on the thermostat. Also, I learned that half the tubing for the ceiling vent in here is disconnected. Every six months or so, the HVAC guy comes by. I tell him about this problem. He always says he's going to fix it. Then I don't see him again for another six months. I sweat all winter. I sweat all summer. It's ridiculous!" Yolanda said, "Have you ever considered this fancy new technology they just invented? It's only about $25, but it cools a room very well." Carl asked, "Really? Only $25? What is it?" She said, "It's called a fan!" 3.3


618. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.