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Talking Dictionary 615. The Inker That Tinkered


615. A tattoo artist was bored with his job. "It's the same old skin every day," Leon told his wife. She said, "Well, maybe you should find another job." He said, "No, I like my job. I just want to spice it up a bit." She said, "Maybe you should find new customers. Check out the churches. Start tattooing deacons and ministers. Start tattooing baptized babies." He said, "Been there, done that." She said, "Maybe you should start tattooing body parts you've never tattooed before." He said, "No, I've tattooed every part of the human body." She said, "How about different colors? Have you used every color in the rainbow? Every color not in the rainbow? Have you used pastels?" He kissed her and said, "Thank you!" After much experimenting with old and new inks, he hung a new sign outside his shop—"Neon by Leon! Tats That Glow after Dark!" 3.5


615. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.