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Talking Dictionary 610. Gigabytes That Takeabyte


610. Ruth called Earthblink. The representative said, "One month of Internet is only $24.95. There's no contract. We send you a modem. Just plug it in. You don't even need a router. You get one gigabyte of data transfer per month." She said, "Is that enough to watch TV online?" The rep said, "Sure. Watching TV will be no problem." She asked, "Well, how much data 'transfers' during a half‐hour TV show?" The rep said, "It varies with each show." She went online while she was still on the phone. She said, "It says online that 30 minutes of TV equals about 250 megabytes. So, if I watch TV for just two hours, I use up a whole gigabyte. That's ridiculous. I want to watch TV at least two hours every night, not two hours every month!" The rep said, "No problem! You can buy extra gigabytes for only $9.95 each." 3.8


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