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Talking Dictionary 607. The Metro Card With Feet


607. Ernie entered the classroom. One student was already there. Todd was a model student. He got along well with the other students. He always volunteered to help the teachers carry books or clean the board. After greeting Todd, Ernie put his briefcase on his desk. Todd was sitting right next to the desk. Ernie took his Senior Citizen Metro card out of his shirt pocket. He put it on the desk next to his briefcase. He hung his jacket on the hook near the door. When he returned to the desk, his Metro card was gone. He picked up his briefcase. He looked all around the desk and the floor. He checked his shirt pocket again. He even checked his wallet. He said to Todd, "What happened to my Metro card? Did you see it? It was right here." Todd looked right into Ernie's eyes and said, "What Metro card?" 2.7


607. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.