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Talking Dictionary 604. The Laziest Boy In The World


604. Once upon a time, there was a lazy boy. His mom made him that way. She never scolded him. She always cleaned up after him. She always thought, He'll grow out of it. But when he grew up, lazy boy didn't grow out of it. He became lazy man—the laziest man in the world. He started to lose his hair. When he showered, his hair clogged the drain. He never cleaned the drain. The drain got so full of hair that the water stayed in the tub. One day, lazy man slipped. His head hit the shower spout. The tub filled with water. Lazy man drowned. A policeman arrested lazy man's mom. He said, "We are charging you with murder. The drain was full of hair. He was too lazy to clean the drain. You killed your son. You should have spanked him when he was a lazy boy." 1.2


604. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.