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Talking Dictionary600. He Offers Them His Seat


600. Adam got on the same car on the same train at the same time every day. The R train took him to City Hall every morning. Every morning he saw a well‐dressed gentleman on the train. The gentleman always wore an expensive suit. He always wore polished shoes. He always carried a newspaper and a briefcase. And, he always gave a woman his seat. Adam admired the gentleman for doing that. One day he told his wife about the gentleman's gentlemanly behavior. She said, "He's not a gentleman. He's a selfish jerk. He gives a woman his seat just to show his power over her. One, he has the seat and she doesn't. He has something she wants. Two, his 'gift' requires a thank you from her. She's the grateful beggar, and he's the good‐hearted prince. If he was a true gentleman, he wouldn't sit down in the first place!" 3.9


600. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.