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Talking Dictionary599. How To Open A Plastic Produce Bag


599. He was standing next to the Fuji apples at the market. He tore a plastic bag off the dispenser. He tried to open it. He rubbed it and pulled it this way and that. He crumpled it up so the top of the bag was all wrinkled. He tried to pull the two sides apart. They remained sealed together. He looked around for something wet, so he could moisten his fingers. He saw nothing that looked wet. He preferred not to spit on his fingertips. He didn't want to set a bad example. His wife approached. She said, "Is that bag giving you problems?" He said, "These things are impossible to open." She grabbed it. She spit on her fingers. She opened the bag. She said, "Here!" He said, "I could have done that. But I didn't want to look gross." She said, "Instead, to anyone watching, you looked stupid." 2.1


599. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.