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Talking Dictionary597. Captain Kirk Is In The House


597. When her son landed his first job, Kelly thought, Finally! She couldn't wait for Maurice to move out of her small apartment. The real estate firm gave him salesperson training every morning. After that, he spent all of his time glued to her computer in the living room. Maurice loved playing StarTek. In that popular game, each player is the captain of his own space ship. Captains battle evil aliens throughout the universe. The game has 30 levels. After three years of playing, Maurice had reached level five. Friday night, Kelly said, "You start work on Monday. Shouldn't you stop playing that silly game and start focusing on your real estate job?" Maurice said, "I am focusing on real estate. I visit moons, planets, and galaxies. That's all real estate. And I deal with Borgs, Drogs, and Gloogs. That trains me for dealing with New Yorkers. I'm totally focused, Mom!" 4.4


597. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.