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Talking Dictionary596. The Spire Makes It Higher


596. In 2013, officials ruled that One World Trade Center was the tallest building in the United States. Harris said, "They said 1WTC is taller than Willis Tower in Chicago. But 1WTC has only 104 floors. Willis Tower has 108 floors." Mindy asked, "Since when is 104 floors taller than 108 floors? Can't they count?" Harris said, "1WTC has a spire. They said the spire makes the Trade Center taller than the tower, which doesn't have a spire." Mindy said, "That's ridiculous. A spire is like a hat. If I wear a ten‐gallon hat, it doesn't make me taller than you." Harris said, "They said the spire is an irremovable part of the Trade Center. It counts when measuring the height. So, if you glue that hat to your head and wear it everywhere, even to bed and in the shower, those officials will pronounce you to be taller than I." 4.8


596. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.