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Talking Dictionary594. A Cheap NYC Hotel


594. He told his wife, "Guess what? I found a hotel in midtown Manhattan that's only $210 a night. And, they have a room available this weekend. See?—I didn't have to reserve a room months in advance for my parents." She said, "$210 a night? Here in midtown? I hope you haven't paid for it yet." He said, "Yes, even though it's nonrefundable, I paid for it. I had to get it while it was still available. What's to worry about? A room is a room." She gave him a dirty look. He went back to the hotel's website just to dispel her doubts. Later, he said, "Uh, there is one little problem. They have shared bathrooms. Whoever heard of such a thing?" She said, "That's not a problem." He said, "It's not?" She said, "No, because you'll stay in the hotel and your parents will stay here with me." 2.5


594. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.