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Talking Dictionary589. The Big Apple Gets Its Apple


589. The new mayor of New York City said, "Everybody knows New York City is the Big Apple. But that's a problem. We are the Big Apple, but we don't have a Big Apple. We have a Big Bull. Thousands of people visit the Charging Bull downtown every day. They hug it and kiss it. They sit on it. They take pictures of it. People will do the same thing if we have a Big Apple." Artists worldwide submitted their ideas to the mayor's office. The mayor presented his five favorite ideas to New Yorkers. They voted for their favorite. A year later, Mademoiselle Gaga la Pomme installed a beautiful, gold‐plated apple in Times Square. Five feet tall, it was a huge hit with tourists and natives. They kissed it. They hugged it. They sat on it. They photographed it. They loved it. Finally, the Big Apple had what it was. 3.5


589. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.