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Talking Dictionary588. Your Dime, Your Whine


588. Brandon's mom said, "It seemed like his only joy in life was finding fault. He loved to complain." His first girlfriend said, "At first, he seemed normal. But the more we were together, the more he complained. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore." Girlfriend after girlfriend left him. The frequent breakups gave him plenty of time to think. And the more he thought, the more he realized that it wasn't just him—everyone complains. Everywhere he went, he heard people complaining—about everything. Maybe there was money in complaining. He set up a website and an 888‐COMPLAIN call center. For a dollar a minute, people could complain their hearts out. Unlike in real life, the hired listeners actually listened. They actually cared. They actually sympathized. Complainers were delighted. The people who used to have to listen to the complainers were delighted. So was Brandon, the former complainer—and new millionaire. 5.2


588. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.