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Talking Dictionary583. What's In A (File) Name?


583. He looked for his glasses. Then he looked for his floss. Then he looked for his keys. He had to rummage through twenty things to find just one thing. Enough was enough. He went into his lab. Weeks later, he'd perfected "The Maker." The Maker could make physical items disappear and then reappear. It took a "picture" of an item. The picture recorded the characteristics of the item and made them part of My Items folder. Then he simply gave the item a file name. When he pushed the Maker's "D" button, the item disappeared. To make it reappear, he simply typed the file name and pushed the "R" button. He felt jubilant as he disappeared dozens of items from his desk. But later, seeing his long face, his wife asked, "What's wrong?" He said, "I've only been able to reappear four items, because I can't remember the file names." 3.9


583. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.