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Talking Dictionary577. The Paper Chase


577. The teacher walked into one of the school's two computer labs. He pulled out the paper tray of the printer. As usual, it was empty. He checked the printer tray in the other lab. It was empty. He went to the front desk. As usual, Amanda was busy answering phone calls. Five minutes later, she handed him some paper. He put the paper into the printer tray. He sat down at a computer. A young, pretty student walked into the room. She smiled at him and said something. Unsure of what she had said, he smiled and nodded. She walked over to the printer. She removed the paper and started walking out of the room. He said, "Excuse me. What are you doing?" She said, "Huh? I'm taking the paper. You said I could." He said, "Oh. Yes. I did." She smiled and left. He returned to the front desk. 1.9


577. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.