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Talking Dictionary576. A Kiss Is Just A Kiss


576. Lonny and Linda were in the second grade. One morning, Lonny walked Linda to her classroom. Linda asked, "Will you kiss my hand like they do in the movies?" Lonny said, "Okay, I guess." She held out her hand. He kissed it. Linda's teacher, Miss Jones, saw the kiss. She said, "Come with me, young man." She took Lonny to the principal's office. After listening to Miss Jones, the principal called Lonny's mom. The principal said, "We have to suspend Lonny because of sexual harassment." Lonny's mom picked him up. On the way home, she told Lonny that hand kissing was sexual harassment. At home, Lonny's younger brother Billy asked, "Why aren't you in school?" Lonny said, "They sent me home because of sexual harassment." Billy asked, "What's that?" Lonny said, "That's when you kiss a girl on her hand." Billy said, "Ew! You shouldn't ever kiss a girl anywhere!" 3.4


576. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.