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Talking Dictionary575. Spidey Scales Spire Of 1WTC


575. They said it was impenetrable. They said it was more secure than the Fortress of Solitude. They said even cockroaches would need to show IDs. However, 16‐year‐old Justin said, "It was a piece of cake." "It" was the nearly finished One World Trade Center. At 4:10 a.m. one Sunday, Justin climbed through a tiny hole in a perimeter fence. He climbed up scaffolding and entered the building on the sixth floor. A clueless elevator operator took him up to the 88th floor. Then he walked up the staircase to the 104th floor. He snuck past a sleeping security guard and made it to the rooftop. His GoPro camera recorded the view. A construction worker caught him as he was leaving the building about 6 a.m. A Porthole Authority official said, "Of course our security staff saw him. They simply ignored him. They're trained to protect against terrorists, not hyperactive teenagers." 6.5


575. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.