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Talking Dictionary574. Ten Big One$ In The Big Apple


574. His wife asked, "Can I borrow $10,000? I'll pay you back at the end of next week." He said, "Sure. Tell me your checking account number and your routing number." She said, "No. I don't trust the banks. What if they get one number wrong, and transfer the money to someone else's account? Just give me the cash, and I'll deposit it myself in my account." He said okay. Then he started worrying. Ten thousand dollars was a lot of money. New York City had a lot of criminals. What if one of them saw him withdrawing the money from the bank? He needed protection. He found it at a Salvation Army thrift shop. The next day he was about to leave the apartment for the bank. His wife asked, "Since when do you use a wooden cane?" He said, "To you, it's a cane. To thieves, it's a heads‐up." 2.8


574. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.