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Talking Dictionary572. We All Scream For Gelato!


572. Lucy said, "Let me treat you to some ice cream. I just discovered a great shop at Columbus Circle. It's called Grom." After they entered the shop, Tyler said, "All I see are 'gelato' signs. I don't see any 'ice cream' signs." Lucy said, "Well, gelato is like ice cream, only better." Tyler grinned. Six people were in line. Only one worker was serving the customers. The other worker was busy doing something in the back. More customers got in line. Finally, Lucy and Tyler got to the front of the line. Lucy ordered vanilla, chocolate, and caramel. The worker put three scoops into a large cup. He said, "That'll be $8.25." Just then, an old man strode up to the counter. He said loudly, "Hey! What're you doing back there? Get up here and help! You think I like standing in line? I'm a New Yorker, not a tourist!" 3.3


572. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.