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Talking Dictionary569. A Gift For Sale


569. When Bella graduated from college, her dad surprised her with a new Honda. Three years later, Bella got married. As a first anniversary gift, her husband gave her a new Cadillac. A few months later, her dad said, "Your sister Lily just got her driving permit. If you give me back the Honda, I'll give it to Lily. Then I'll give her a new car when she graduates from college." Bella asked, "Well, how much are you going to give me for my Honda?" Her dad said, "Give you? You mean pay you for a car that I'm going to give your sister?" Bella said, "Yes, Daddy. Remember, you didn't lend me the Honda. You gave it to me. I'll bet it's worth $5,000." He said, "Let me think about this." That evening he told his wife, "I don't know whether to be mad at her or proud of her." 3.4


569. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.