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Talking Dictionary568. Soap Suds And Clean Duds


568. They called him the Nanny Mayor. He banned smoking in public buildings and city parks. He vowed to ban the sale of supersized soft drinks. If he'd had another 12 years as mayor, he might have turned NYC into the world's biggest health club and resort. His final act was to help the thousands of NYC homeless persons. He called it Shower Power. He signed a law requiring weekly showers for all homeless persons. He said, "This will take care of three problems. One, we won't have any more empty subway cars with just one homeless person riding in them. Two, homeless people will be able to feel like human beings again after long, hot showers. And, of course, we'll wash and dry all their laundry for them. They'll get their dignity and self‐respect back. And three, they'll feel so good about themselves that they might even find themselves jobs!" 4.9


568. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.